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Welcome to Sicco's ARK Survival Island

I provide you a space to play ARK Survival Evolved alone or with your friend or maybe you will know new friends.

This server is free to use and you can do what ever you want, well as long you will follow the rules.

This server is a PvE server so you can explore the world of ARK without killed by other player. Feel free to play alone, join a Tribe or make your own Tribe with your friends. The server has a current capacity of max 50 player, if it is needed i will raise this to 120 player. In that case it requires a server upgrade to handle this number of player, but we'll see.

If you want to communicate with your friends and other player, feel free to use my Discord.
All information you'll find in Server Info.

If you like this server, the community and the support(if you need one), then vote for the server and maybe make a donation, i will appreciate it.

Have Fun and survive
Best Sicco0803

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