Welcome To My World Of ARK Survival Evolved.

The Volcano

The Volcano is my first mod map ever in my life. It's the first touch with a game engine. I'm already working over 1 year on the map, the map content is almost to 100% in, but there is still a lost of work like optimazation and rework of some parts of the map till the map is fully done.

With The Volcano i did the first ARK mod map with all 5 biomes(Grassland, Snow, Redwood, Desert and Swamp) in and also the Scorched Earth weather system without the sand storm and the super heat. I've learned a lot during the work on the map, but i'm still learning and it's still a nice challenge.

Here is a feature list of the map:

  • Map is about the size of the vanilla map
  • 5 different biomes (Snow, Desert, Redwood, Swamp and Grass/Jungle)
  • All dinos are in, incl. Scorched Earth Dinos
  • All resources are in, incl. Scorched Earth Resources
  • All Boss Arenas from The Island and SE
  • Wild dino babys (almost all land dinos but not on all spawn points and Argentavis and Pteradon have a nest for their baybs)
  • Big Trees in Snow and Jungle around the Volcano, for Tree Plattforms
  • You can learn all SE Engrams
  • All Explorer Notes

If you want to take a look and download the map, here is the link to my Steam Workshop page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=715028562

Here are some screenshots of the map:

20170521212205 1
20170521213221 1
20170521210602 1
Screenshot 70


Amissa will be the next upcoming ARK map i'm currently working on. It also will have all 5 biomes, but will be different than The Volcano. It will have more a Fantasy setting. The landscape will be also more fantasy like, which means not a realistic like landscape. More info will come soon an di'm planning a release for a first version end of October 2017.

ARK Servers

I also host ARK server from time to time, if i do it you will see a server banner below. The server will be all public mostly PvE with at least the S+ mod, so if you want feel free to join.

Support Me If You Like

If you like what i'm doing und want to support me, there are a few option how you can do it. I appreciate all the support in any way and Thank you in advacne.

News & Contact

The easiest way to get all news and info about my maps and get in contact with me is on my Twitter or join my Discord. On Discord you also can report bugs for my maps.